Kine Kilen

Thank You again for a very nice stay at Novella July 8th - July 15th. This was our third time at Novella, and I don't think it will be our last! We really appreciate you all for making us feel so welcome! Hugs from Thomas and Kine (Norway)

Maria & Martina / room 502

Thanks for a memorable stay at your hotel again, 10-24.6.2012. Keep up with the good work and see you next year.

Martina and Maria

Thanks for a memorable stay in your hotel again, 10.6-24.6.2012. See you again next year. Keep up the good work! /room 502

Martina and Maria

Thanks for a memorable stay again at your hotel. We love it there. Keep up the good work and we'll see you again next year. Or sooner :) The photo is from the Turkish evening 18.6.2012. Always smiling and friendly :D

Jan Ericsson

Tack för 3 underbara veckor, sitter hemma i ösregn och längtar tillbaka igen. Allt var som vanligt dvs toppen toppen hos er.


Thank you so much for a great stay at your hotel! We loved everything about it; the food, the pool- and the poolbar, the housekeeping, the rooms, the staff... Everything. We highly recommend this hotel! We are planning to go back to Alanya next summer, and there are no other options than staying at Novella again. We all had a lovely week and we're already looking forward to seeing you all again! And, of course, special greetings to our BFFs Oscar and Mustafa! :D /Louise and Lorin in room 310, 4/6-12/6

Lennart och Monica

Tack för tre underbara veckor på Novella ett toppen hotell. Tack till all prsonal alla lika trevliga och tillmötesgående.Vi återvänder med glädje till Er.Tack för överraskningen till Lennart på hans födelsedag. :D Varma hälsningar från Sverige. Kram från Lennart och Monica på rum 401

Saru Julin

Hello Novella app. hotell and Oscar ! We were in Novella last year 15-22.9.2011 staying at your hotell. We did like it vary much and maybe we be there in next year ? Here in Finland we have +8 and sun is shaining and litle bit rain. Have nice Summer and lot of kustomers ... Best Recards Sari Julin and Family

Bobbo, Marie, Alice and Emil

Thank you for a pleasant stay at Novella! You have a nice familiar hotel with good service that made our visit enjoyable with extra plus for your hospitality against our children. Thanks a lot and hope to see you again! Alice and Emil with parents (room 101, 8/10-15/10 2011). Greetings from us in Halmstad, Sweden.